3 Channel Dash Camera: the Flagship Experience

3 Channel Dash Camera: the Flagship Experience

3 Channel Dash Camera: the Flagship Experience

What is 3 channel dash camera

3 channel dash camera, also known as triple dash cam or 3 way dash cam, is a driving recorder system consisting of three distributed cameras. These three cameras respectively record the front exterior, the rear exterior and interior of the vehicle. So, what is the difference between 3 channel dash camera and traditional 2 channel dash camera?

Since the traditional dual-channel dash cam only has two cameras that record the front exterior and the rear exterior of the vehicle, the key difference of course lies in the additional interior camera.

As shown above, the interior camera is added to record the interior view of the vehicle, including the driver and all passengers. It helps to form a more complete system of three distributed cameras for car recorders.

Why We Need Triple Dash Cam

What Is The New Interior Dash Cam For

Knowing the above difference, one may ask, what intuitive advantage can this difference bring to 3 channel dash cameras? After all, the traditional dash cam is already doing well enough.

Although the traditional dual-channel dash cam’s two cameras can cover most of the angles around the vehicle, there are still some blind spots in the field of view. It is still difficult to record the events that occur outside of the surveillance range, such as something happens inside the car or near the outside of the door.

As the picture shows, the front camera records the view outside the front window of the vehicle, and the back camera position records the view outside the rear window. Therefore, the situation of the driver and all the potential passengers inside the vehicle is missing, as same as the situation near the outside of the two side doors. But the interior dash cam records these areas perfectly.

What Substantial Help Can 3 Way Dash Cam Provide

Traditional dash cam, with the help of two cameras front and rear, can record the 360 ° vision outside the vehicle, used for road conditions monitoring and parking monitoring. On the one hand, in the process of driving, it can help the driver get rid of the limitation of the blind spot and judge the road conditions better, to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Even if a traffic accident unfortunately occurs, it can save sufficient evidence to clarify who should be responsible for the main compensation. On the other hand, after parking, the dash cam can be naturally transformed to monitor the situation around the vehicle, providing evidence for potential vehicle theft and vandalism.

So, now the question is, we already know what 3 way dash cam is, but what practical help does it offer us specifically?

First, it can better ensure safe driving. With the interior dash cam, you can get a complete record of the behavior of the driver and passengers inside the vehicle. Thus, the in-car camera allows you to monitor the children, pets, and other passengers inside the vehicle in real time, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Secondly, it provides more sufficient evidence for the determination of liability in traffic accidents. If you are involved in a traffic accident, the triple dash cam will support any claim you make by showing what really happened. The video recorded by the internal camera can be provided to the traffic police and prove that you did not make a mistake in your driving operation. In addition, if you are a cab driver and the passenger does a theft or unreasonable argument during the taxi ride, the camera can record the entire video and audio for you, to provide critical evidence for related claims and dismiss the false statements made by them.

Finally, if you want the dash cam to translate into surveillance after parking and monitor the vehicle continuously, the interior camera will be needed also. As mentioned before, it provides additional in-car surveillance footage, and thus offers further evidence of potential vehicle theft and vandalism provided, such as clearer information about the suspect’s face. This kind of evidence will help the police to better solve related cases.


How The Best 3 Channel Dash Cam Should Be

You may now agree with me that the dash cam with 3 channels can effectively enhance your driving experience. But there are advantages and disadvantages to different dash cams. I guess you don’t want to spend the most expensive money just to buy the cheapest dash cam with 3 channels, right? Thus, we need to distinguish how the best 3 channel dash cam should be. It depends on the following aspects.

Loop Recording

As a professional dash cam supplier, we WOLFBOX make a product philosophy that loop recording, as an important and revolutionary innovation, should be universal in every one of our products. This is our basic requirement for the best 3 channel dash cam.

For readers who don’t know much about loop Recording, you can read about it here. In brief, it will automatically overwrite the oldest video to ensure continuous recording when the memory card is full.

Detached Camera

When the loop recording is added, the following requirements are about the native function of the 3 channel dash camera.

Through the above introduction, you may already know the benefits that 3 cameras bring to eliminate the blind spot of sight. Well, then it would be better if these cameras can be installed flexibly in different positions. If the camera can be flexibly installed on the windshield, you will be able to adjust the camera installation position according to your needs. For example, in case your car’s sun visor happens to block part of the lens’ view, then you can easily solve this problem by manually adjusting the position of the front camera.

Rotatable Camera


This is another way to achieve manual adjustment of the monitoring range of the lens. It may be a little more convenient than the previous method. If the lens is rotatable, then you only need to flick your finger to adjust the monitoring angle of the camera as the situation requires.

In addition, the detachable function and the rotatable function can be combined to help us adjust the camera to its most suitable position and angle. Although it may take some time to adjust the first time, it is also the last time.

Wide Angle Camera


The field of view of the lens depends on two parameters: equivalent focal length and viewing angle.

These two parameters are not as complicated as they sound, they are very well understood. You can understand them in one sentence —— the shorter the equivalent focal length, the wider the viewing angle, and the more things you can see in the photo.


As shown in the figure, the photo shot by 300mm lens is just a small part of in the central area of the photo obtained by the 18mm lens. The images recorded by the 18-35mm lens may be more cluttered and therefore not as appealing as the red wood house recorded by 300mm lens, but they capture more information, including the grass and trees in front of the house, the mountains, and the sky behind the house. When we use dash cam to view footage, what we are looking for is not so much an appealing picture, but more information. By recording novelties under an uncommon perspective, the 300mm lens may have a unique value for photography, but for the role of surveillance cameras, will lose a lot of information that could have been recorded. So, only when the perspective of the lens is wide enough can it record enough information, especially for monitoring.

And, in the field of photography, if the equivalent focal length of the lens is below 35mm (as well as the field of view is greater than 68 °), the lens is usually called “wide angle lens”. From this threshold, the lens can get a wide enough field of view and then record enough information. Therefore, it is very important for the dash cam to be equipped with a wide-angle lens.


Camera That Can Be Used As A Baby Car Mirror

Some internal cameras can be mounted in the back seat as an in-car baby monitor when an extension cord is attached. This feature will be especially important for a newborn family. For safety reasons, babies are not allowed to sit in the passenger seat. Therefore, when you need to drive with the baby by yourself, the baby may be in the back seat unattended due to your spouse’s absence. And this feature can help you check the status of your baby in time without turning your head backwards while driving.

Best 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam —— With HD Mirror Cam

We put a lot of effort into creating such best 3 channel 4k dash cam. Eventually, after repeated technical iterations, all the above functions were achieved in our WOLFBOX G880. If you have recently considered buying a 3 channel dash camera, we highly recommend this our flagship product to you.

From loop recording to detached and rotatable camera, all the features mentioned above are equipped by the G880. In terms of wide-angle lens, it is equipped with a 170° front camera, a 140° inside camera and a 150° rear camera. Three wide-angle lenses are enough to meet your requirements for recording information at most angles. At the same time, it has a 360° rotatable front camera and a 270° wide angle car camera, as much as possible to meet your needs of adjusting the angle of the lens.

In addition, considering that it is our flagship product, when we designed it, we hoped it would get better. Therefore, we equipped it with advanced 4K and HDR technology.

4K technology plays a significant role when you review videos to get detailed information, such as license plate numbers or facial features of pedestrians. For example, if you need to see the license plate number of the vehicle involved in the video, the blurry video footage won’t help you much. The more pixels in the resolution of the camera, the clearer the recording video will be. Usually, we call videos with definition higher than 1080P HD videos. 4K is surely better. In addition, with advanced encoding technology, our G880 can provide 4K digital video that doesn’t take up much storage space.

And the advanced HDR technology allows the video to be displayed on the dash cam with an enhanced effect. HDR, as known as High-Dynamic Range, is a processing technology that increases the brightness and contrast of an image. It brightens every dark detail, darkens darker areas, and enriches more detailed colors, allowing movies, and pictures to be rendered with excellent results. The rear camera of G880 is equipped with HDR technology, which can automatically adjust the balanced exposure even in backlight and strong light and help dash cam record a clear view. Equipped with the HD mirror cam of Stravis Sensor, G880 can capture the license plate and roadside signs normally during night driving. Such a super night vision function can help you drive safer at night.

By putting a lot of effort into the design of the product, we hope that this G880 flagship product can bring our users the flagship experience. All the features we designed for it, such as rotatable camera and wide-angle camera, are optimized for the problems we found during our own trial of the product. Camera that can be used as a baby car mirror is particularly noteworthy, because we found this feature is significantly helpful for families with newborns.

Overall, we hope that through our continuous product iterations, when users buy our flagship product, they will no longer be bothered by the lack of features and will be able to spend more energy on safe driving.

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