5 Best Ways to Prevent Your Car Break-In

5 Best Ways to Prevent Your Car Break-In

5 Best Ways to Prevent Your Car Break-In

Car prowlers are everywhere. They are always looking for a chance to break into your car and steal it. If it’s not possible, they at least damage its contents or parts. Some people lose their precious belongings too, such as laptops or LCD monitors, just because they don’t know how to prevent car break-ins. For that reason, today, we are going to discuss how to deter car prowlers and make it impossible for them to steal your car.

Your Best Option – G840H Mirror Dash Cam

If you want a quick answer, get G840H Mirror Dash CamIt is basically a smart rearview camera with exceptional key features. However, when it comes to preventing car break-ins, it particularly has one feature that helps a lot – Parking Monitor. This cam continues recording when your car is parked. The Parking Monitor features always recording video in a low-power way – 1 frame per second when you turn off your car’s engine. Protect your car 24/7. This feature isn’t so common as it is still quite new.

Fortunately, some premium models like G840H Mirror Dash Cams have it. Even if you are dealing with hit and run situation and damaging your car in the parking area, you can count on it. It starts recording 10 seconds before the impact. The footage can help you in reading the license number plate and catching the culprit. Apart from this, you can try some other methods also to prevent car break-ins. 

1. Parking Location is Quite Important

Always try avoiding parking it in the lone spot, because thieves love that spot. The lone spot allows them to quickly and quietly steal your vehicle. More than 50% of car theft issues happen in the lone parking spot. This should be enough to give you a concrete idea of why parking location matters. There is one more factor that you should always keep in mind – The Night-Time Parking. Especially at night, make sure the location in which you are parking is well-lit. Furthermore, if that location has a parking lot attendant too, it’s great. Since he monitors the vehicles and deters criminal activity. WOLFBOX G700 can provide GPS info and 24h monitoring parking.

2. Don’t Forget to Remove Your Keys

People often leave their keys in their cognition, especially when they go for quick grocery shopping or some office meeting. This happens quite a lot in the United States and it gives the thieves the opportunity to just break the windows and drive off. Similarly, some people try to have an extra key for safety. It is good to have a spare key but don’t try to leave it near your vehicle. Since, when someone plans to steal your car or steal your precious belongings, he first monitors your every act. When you leave your keys near your vehicle, he sees them and uses that key to his advantage.

We know there are some places in the car where you can hide your extra key. But car prowlers already know about those places.

For that reason, it is better to keep the spare key with you when you leave your car.

3. Get An Anti-Theft Device to Avoid Theft of Your Car

Car anti-theft devices can also take your burglary prevention methods to the next level and make the entire process very difficult and fearful for a thief. For example, we have steering-wheel locks. They are very effective and immobilize the steering wheel. The thing we love the most about them is they are quite visible and the thieves notice them instantly. When they see a steering wheel, they know they won’t be able to drive the car properly. And, they don’t have time to remove the lock first either. Other than that, we have complete “Car Security Systems” too. They work in a unique way; when they detect some kind of motion or activity from a particular zone, they alert you at once by activating their siren.

4. A Tracking System Helps Greatly in Recovering Your Vehicle

Tracking systems are quite popular these days. They are also known as Vehicle Recovery Systems. These systems have radio frequency technology that helps greatly in recovering your vehicle. Unfortunately, these systems aren’t so popular, but everyone should try them if they love their car. Luckily, almost all vehicle manufacturers are focused on introducing this technology in their new models, as they comprehend people are now realizing its worth. WOLFBOX D07 dash cam built-in GPS included accurately records your driving track and speed, and manages the driving route on your iOS and Android devices via the app. And the dash cams for cars with Wi-Fi allow you to download your recorded car camera videos directly to your smartphone and share them on social media.

In case your car doesn’t have a tracking system, you can get it online and install it nearly anywhere on your car. For example, you can install it under the seats, hide it under the floor mats, or use it in the rear or front bumpers.

5. Valuables Attract Thieves

So, never leave any precious valuables in your car. When it comes to protecting our vehicles from break-ins, we think the ultimate goal of all thieves is to steal our cars. This isn’t true, because not all thieves are career criminals. Sometimes, simple people do crimes if the opportunity is present right in front of their faces. If they notice any kind of precious item in your car, they become opportunists in that situation and try to steal it.

That’s why first you need to make sure all the doors and windows of your car are locked. Second, before leaving your car, hide all your valuables, such as your phone, wallet, laptop, etc. Even if you have a shopping bag, try to hide it in the trunk before you get where you need to be. It’s a simple thing to do, but it saves you in many ways than you can imagine.

You can rest assured to use the WOLFBOX dash cam, wolfbox G900 dash cam , it will help you monitor your vehicle condition 24 hours a day!


In general, there are many smart ways to protect your car from break-ins. If it’s possible for you, take all these above measures. They will prevent almost all kinds of unusual and suspicious activities and give you a million-dollar peace of mind too. Even if after doing all these things some unfortunate incident hits you, contact the police immediately and let your insurance company know within 24 hours as well. When they have the details of your car and they know it has a tracker or car security system, they monitor its location and recover it faster.

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