How to Choose a Dash Cam in 2022

How to Choose a Dash Cam in 2022

How to Choose a Dash Cam in 2022

Today, we have a wide variety of dash cams with different features and price points. Such as, WOLFBOX has been deeply involved in the field of dash cam for many years. There are various types of dash cam and high quality. It is worth recommending!If you are a new driver and planning to buy a dash cam, the varieties and models can completely baffle you and compel you to opt for something which you don’t exactly need.

This buying guide will make you a dash cam expert. It is going to reveal which criteria you should follow to pick the best dash cam for your vehicle.


Which Dash Cam Model Do I Need?

Well, this highly depends on how your car is used.

All you need is to perceive the purpose of your driving. Once you comprehend that, it becomes rather easy to choose the best model.

Here are a few questions you should consider.

  • Are you a daily, casual driver?
  • Do you drive for Uber or other ridesharing platforms?
  • Do you have a commercial vehicle?


Pondering these three questions can solve 50% percent of your problem and make the buying process easier for you.

For example, let’s say you are a daily, casual driver, and you just want to ensure your car is always roadworthy, and you are safe on the road in case of a car crash, you need a standard dash cam with multiple cameras, good memory capacity, and great video quality.

On the other hand, if you drive for Uber or other ridesharing platforms, it is important to choose a premium model, because you are always on the road. You can deal with crimes and other undisciplined drivers on a constant basis… A premium model can help you capture the accidents and defend you in court. Furthermore, you can relish savings on insurance premiums, as insurers look favorably on dash cam users.

Similarly, people with commercial vehicles or companies that operate a fleet of commercial vehicles should count on a high-quality full HD dash camera for surveillance reasons. A full HD dash camera will monitor their drivers and guarantee the safety of their equipment.

After understanding the purpose of your driving, now it is time to look for the three most important features of a dash cam.


What is the Number of Cameras in Your Dash Cam?

After researching the features of many models and interviewing some expert drivers, we believe that a model with two cameras (front and rear) is enough. It fulfills all your basic needs; there is no need to spend money on lavish features.

Many dash cams still only rely on front-facing camera, as their manufacturers think what’s happening in front of the car is more important.

This is true, but the rear cam feature is as important as the front cam. Since it captures the hit-and-run drivers quite efficiently and also deters theft. Robbers and tailgaters tend to back off when they notice a rear dash camera on your car.

WOLFBOX G840S is the best front and rear dash camera you can buy. Both of its cameras can record the footage simultaneously in full HD1080P resolution.


In case you have a lavish million-dollar car and you want to have a lavish dash camera model too, look for something that has a cabin-view feature as well. It records what happens inside the car. Some people think cabin view is an additional feature and it’s not as important as we think, but in reality, it can save you in unfortunate accidents.

For instance, in court, the cabin-view feature can reveal what caused the disruption inside the car when the accident happened.

A Important Feature: The Storage Capability of Dash Cam

Unfortunately, new drivers tend to forget this immensely important feature. They buy a good and expensive model, but just because of its low storage and memory card capability, they lose the crucial footage in case of an accident.

When you have a high-capacity memory card, your video recordings are saved in higher resolution. You have more space to keep the recorded footage.

In memory cards, luckily, you always have a range of options. WOLFBOX will send every customer a 32 GB SD Card for free!

But before choosing the storage option, you should first decide what best fits your need. If you are an occasional driver, a 4-hour backup is all you require, and 32GB of storage is enough for that. For daily drivers, we personally recommend 256GB or more storage; this storage option is good to keep the 36-hour backup.

These days, due to the advancement in technology, some companies offer free cloud storage too. It is a kind of unlimited storage space. This feature makes their product more expensive and more advanced as well.

What if you have 256GB storage and it fills up after 36+ hours of driving?

In that situation, the dash cam starts recording the new footage over the oldest footage, or it transfers your old footage to your computer to clear the space.

This thing depends on the model and the storage features it has.


Resolution & Night Vision – What Exactly Your Camera is Recording in High Definition.

It is important to see what exactly your camera is recording in high definition. If the video quality isn’t good or captured correctly, the dash cam you have is good for nothing. WOLFBOX D07 has Super Night Vision and 4K Ultra HD Recording Dash Cam. 

Therefore, you should always opt for a model that at least has a 1080P resolution.


This resolution gives more details in the video, and it gives a clear view of license plate numbers and street signs too.

Some people try to save money by going with a lower-quality resolution option. Well, that idea doesn’t help in any way, because lower quality videos miss the important details and don’t reveal properly who hit your parked car or who is responsible for the accident. Especially when the light quality in your area is low or you are dealing with a thunderstorm, dash cameras with lower quality resolution create a problem for you.

On the other hand, models with 1080P resolution deal with all the weather and light factors. They always produce the clearest and crispest video.

Moreover, dash cameras with good resolution often have night vision capability too. It is a great help for those who do a lot of driving at night. Check out wolfbox G900 dash cam



Keep these three basic factors in mind before buying a dash cam. They will help you in making a smart purchasing decision. You can also check our world-renowned dash cam products here. The technical specifications of our products and exceptional features always pass real-life testing and transcend the expectations of our customers.

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