3W Custom Car Floor Mats All Weather Boot Liners, Storage Liner and Double Layer Carpeted Floor Liners for Tesla Model 3 2020-2023 RHD

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Custom designed compitable with Right Hand Drive Tesla Model 3(2020-2023)

Ensures Safety in accordance with the car manufacturer's safety standard

Double layer configuration upper layer absorb sound and dust

Patented clip technology for extra sturdy and enduring

Waterproof & anti-slip high edges provide complete protection

Easy to clean with water or a damp towel

Environmental friendly 100% recyclable non-toxic odor-free

100% Satisfaction guarantee free return shipping

Extended Warranty mats part to 2 year and liner part to 5 year


  • 1x Front Trunk Mat
  • 1x Driver Side Floor Liner and Carpet
  • 1x Passenger Side Floor Liner and Carpet
  • 1x Rear Floor Liner and Carpet
  • 1x Boot Liner
  • 1x Lower Boot Mat

Chaos Outside, Cosmos Inside

All-Weather Design: Grooved to Trap Water, Snow, and Mud; Easy to Clean.

Original Design Meets Vehicle Aesthetics

Incorporating Unique Geometric Designs to Enhance the Dynamic Energy of Aesthetics

The upper layer offers a plush, comfortable touch and, thanks to our patented premium mat fixing, can be easily removed for effortless cleaning.

NO Gaps, NO Slipping. High-Precision 3D Scanning for a Glove-Like Fit

Full Coverage Boot Liner with Secure Nail Fixing for Enhanced Anti-Slip Performance

3W Mats vs. Others

Precision Fit with Raised Edges for Full Protection




Eco-Safe for Pets & Kids

Crafted from 100% Non-Toxic, Odourless TPE; Heat-Resistant up to 75°C.

Installation Tips


Ensure the floor mats are installed with the logo facing the windows. When installing the front row mats, pull them towards the seats as much as possible to ensure a snug fit against the vehicle’s floor contours.

Flattening Instructions

Due to packaging or transport compression, the floor mats may appear folded when removed from the package. Here are a few easy methods to help flatten your mats:

1. Heat Gently

Increase the temperature to make the mats more flexible. You can:
- Leave the mats flat in a warm room or in direct sunlight on a sunny day.
- Use a hairdryer on a low setting (careful not to overheat) to gently warm the mats, making them easier to bend.

2. Manual Adjustment

Gently bend the mats against the fold and apply pressure to help them flatten.

3. Be Patient

If the mats don’t conform immediately, be patient. With time and use, the mats usually settle into the shape of the car’s floor.


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